Get on the Web

Is it important to be on the internet and be able to be found

Continuous Growth

Since the days of online message boards and AOL, the use and dependence of the internet has grown each year. It has become a vital part of our daily lives and businesses. There are few whose daily lives are not interwoven with internet use from email, social media, conducting business, streaming entertainment, and doing research.

What is a web Presence?

There are two main sources that businesses use to spread the word about themselves on the internet; websites and social media. Both can be excellent tools and often work hand in hand to spread the word about the business. Many aspects need to be considered and managed to make effective use of them. Some of these aspects are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content management, educational information, and e-commerce to name a few.

Why do you need one?

The internet has become the primary source of research for most consumers looking for products and services. Without a website or social media profile, businesses and organizations are losing visibility and potential customers reducing potential business opportunities. In addition to letting potential customers know what products and services the business has to offer, having a web presence enables a business to share its vision, values, and what it can provide to customers building trust. And of course, almost everyone uses the internet.

Changes over the Years

Our technicians have been working on web design and hosting solutions over the last three decades. We have worked with a variety of businesses in many different industries. We have focused on learning the evolving technologies and working with many of the broadest used platforms. Today we do much of our work using WordPress which powers approximately 62% of the websites today including many of the largest corporation websites.

Design trends and search engines change how SEO works nearly yearly as well. We work to stay on top of these trends for the best viewer interaction and ways to keep user interaction on the site longer.